Conner Middle School PTSO (Parent, Teacher, Student Organization) is a local organization. 
*Free to join!*
What does PTSO do?
• Sponsors several dances a year
• Runs concessions for Dances, Fall Ball, Cancer Lock-In and Last Day of School party
• Helps find volunteers for needed functions at school during the year
• Helps support CMS in any way possible
Where did monies raised go last year?
PBL program supplies
Donations to the HIP store
Meals for Cancer Lock-in participants and volunteers
ACS donation during Cancer Lock-in
Rewards for 6th grade writing project
Money for 8th grade Camp Joy trip
Donation to Colts Care
Teacher Appreciation Lunch
Art supplies
UA needs
Supplies for students as requested
How can I help?
We need parent volunteers to make this school year successful! Without volunteers, we will not be able to provide the support or money needed at our school.
Please register on the PTSO website and you will receive notifications on CMS news, fundraising events, and opportunities to volunteer in our school.
Thank you for your support!